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Indaba Training offers all it’s Client a comprehensive – Learner Record Data Base (NLRD)

The ITLRD holds data on many aspects of the Client and Learners in accordance with South African Qualifications Authority specifications.
Our customer service covers the full management and safe documentation of company training information, costing and records. Indaba Training Quality Management System is in accordance with the South African Qualification Authority.


 The data held in the ITLRD can be categorised as information on:

  • The structure of qualifications and unit standards
  • Training providers
  • Assessors  
  • Learners and Budget purposes
  • The achievement records for each learner.
  • Cost analysis for Skills & Development
  • Training Cost Reports
  • Authentication of Learners / Operators Certificates / Carry cards
  • One month prior to your Operator/s Certification expires Indaba Training will forward a renewal notice. This will give our Client sufficient time to schedule the training.

What is the ITLRD and what is its purpose?

The main purpose of the ITLRD is to serve learners, by holding records of all their qualifications and unit standard achievements, thus enabling them to build on, and employers to verify, training achievements and results.

The National Learners' Records Database is a comprehensive electronic recording and management system run by Indaba Training cc that holds the achievement information for all learners trained / assessed by Indaba Training cc.